Estelle Yomeda France / Togo

Estelle Yomeda trained in art history and with a degree in visual arts, is a French-Togolese designer and artist based in Paris (France). She made her debut at Yves Saint Laurent couture studio and then ran her eponymous shoes and accessories label for 12 years.
 Her artistic process is based on discoveries of ancestral know-how and on human encounters with craftpeople. This ethic feeds her creativity and leads her to launch in 2018 her design studio « Kente Project » through which she creates limited editions and unique works. She materialized her first collection of furniture inspired by togolese know-how and the long tradition of french decorative arts in 2021.
 Estelle’s work cross-pollinate various field of creation such as furniture design, textiles, and fashion accessories without bounderies and in a transversal way. As Afropeen she crosses techniques and influences and takes a generous and humanist look at design.