About Galerie REVEL

Founded in 2021, Galerie REVEL is a contemporary art gallery deeply committed to showcasing visual artists historically marginalized within Western art discourse. Advocating for an international selection, the gallery supports emerging and mid-career artists whose work resonates with contemporary concerns and initiates fruitful dialogues between the global South and the West. These conversations, forged in the crucible of critical issues of our time – identity, gender, ecology, decolonial practices, postcolonial cultures, cultural appropriations, and migration – serve as indelible imprints carried within the body of each artist's work.


An heuristic space and a terrain of intellectual exploration where artists are free to challenge the boundaries and limits of their practice, Galerie REVEL embraces the experimentation of innovative techniques and the exploration of alternative mediums. It also actively participates in diversifying art narratives, prioritizing narratives rooted in contemporaneity and voiced from marginalized perspectives, including queer, racialized, and peripheral voices – notably from South America and Africa, but not limited to them. Among the emerging talents represented by the gallery are artists such as Nigerian textile artist Samuel Nnorom, Zimbabwean ceramicist Xanthe Somers, and Spanish artivist and ceramist Bisila Noha.


Since its inception, the gallery's unique vision and the work of its artists have been celebrated in several specialized publications, including The Art Newspaper, The Financial Times,  The Design EditElle Decoration France, The Sunday Telegraph, World of Interiors, AD France, AD Italy, AD Spain, ENKI Magazine among others. 





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Revel Art Design

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Galerie Revel

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