About Galerie REVEL

Galerie Revel is a contemporary design gallery with the focus of giving visibility to artists historically invisibilised in the west. Founded in 2021, the France-based gallery collaborates with emerging artists, designers and architects from around the world with a special affection for those from or living in the global south.


Among the gallery's rising talents are emerging designers such as Aro Vega and Jan Ernst de Wet, whose work was exhibited at COLLECTIBLE Design Fair Brussels in June 2021 has met with great interest from the international press.





Email: info@galerierevel.com


Head office: 

Revel Art Design

59 Rue de Ponthieu, Bureau 326,

75008, Paris (France)



By appointment only

Galerie Revel

Chemin de la Matte,

33360, Bordeaux (France)