Monogram French, b. 1990

French architect Aro Vega is the designer behind the brand Monogram.

Fueled by the search for singularity, Vega's artistic approach is part of a desire for authenticity within an era where the personality fades gradually to the benefit of the tendencies. Both elegant and timeless, his creations blur the boundaries between functionality and aesthetics by playing with times, styles, shapes and materials, for a result close to the sculptural. 


"I try to explore design as a medium for a narrative process and as a vector for an emotion or a reflexion. A feeling that comes from looking at the piece, from practicing it, from walking around it. Let the user thinks that I wanted as a designer to evoke something, even if he can't detect it. For that, I try to totally ignore the aesthetics and the function of the piece of furniture to focus on that something a little odd or curious, which makes us ask ourselves "why this piece is like that". If this feeling appears, the function will be revealed by itself, the aesthetics will flow naturally in one form or another." Aro Vega