Anton Laborde France / India

Anton Laborde is a French visual artist and Cabinetmaker based in Bordeaux. His creations are the result of the intersection of contemporary art and cabinet making. Inspired by painters such as Henri Rousseau (1844-1910) or Alfons Mucha (1860-1939), Anton Laborde creates functional paintings and furniture with wood, in soft and shimmering colours. His latest series of works entitled 'Révolution Indienne (Indian Revolution)' evokes a lost paradise. It is inspired by the landscapes and feelings of the artist's childhood, spent in India when he lived there with his parents. Its visual universe calls for reverie, and arouses comfort and appeasement.


Anton Laborde revives marquetry in a contemporary way, just as the modernists Jean-Michel Frank and André Groult did in their time. But like Jean-Michel Frank's monochrome geometric patterns or Jean Royere's scattered inlays, Anton Laborde creates, with wood, lush dreamscapes that are both complex and minimalist, with ingenuous colours and bold strokes.

Instead of traditional rules and techniques, and far from an academicism that obstructs his creativity, Anton Laborde's approach is experimental and rigorous. His creative process integrates the search for adequate materials with the intention of the creative gesture. The cabinetmaker creates his compositions like a painter, using his own colours, cuts and varnishes. Like the Bauhaus movement, Anton Laborde does not distinguish between art and technology, as he puts it: "Through this collection I seek to erase any distinction between beauty and functionality".


With his ingenious construction, wood cutting, keen sense of detail and aesthetics, and harmonious colours, Anton Laborde moves brilliantly from one skill to the next.


After four years of training with the Companions of the Tour de France and his stay with the Irish designer Joseph Walsh, Anton Laborde created his workshop in Bordeaux in 2020. He is the winner of several prizes, including the 2017 Companions' prize, the 2018 national prize of the Concours Général des Métiers (CGM), and the 2018 regional and departmental prize of the Rotary Club.