Papa Mamadou N’Doye Senegalese

Based in Dakar, Senegal, in the district of Grand M'Bao, Papa Mamadou N'Doye is an artist and designer engraver specializing in xylogravure.


Over the years, Papa Mamadou N'Doye has developed a passion for the art of wood engraving, specializing in the oldest technique, that of xylogravure, which delicately impregnates the wood with patterns, writing and drawings. A skilled Senegalese artist and designer, he draws his inspiration from his environment to create everyday objects that he adds his elegant and expert touch. 


Representations of Senegalese fishermen, cowries or ancestral mystical symbols are engraved in wood without any prior drawing. With an assured gesture, it is to the rhythm of the dry blows of his carving knife that Papa Mamadou N'Doye endeavors to tell the story of life and its treasures through the singular and authentic language that he has developed.