Mathieu Frossard French

Mathieu Frossard is a young French ceramist artist whose work, which has already made its way into a permanent museum collection, is at the intersection of contemporary art, design, and craftsmanship. Product of a skilled and technically proficient savoir-faire, his body of work is voluptuously flashy, favouring the sheen of polished gold and the vividness of neon colours.


For Frossard, the visual is paramount: away from an over-conceptual approach, he creates with an instinctive hand, allowing his chosen medium to shape his creations. Greatly inspired by Baroque aesthetics, the young artist draws from this 17th and 18th-century language the abundance of arabesque, volutes and vegetal elements, the taste for movement and exuberance to create forms of an offbeat charm. Like real mounted pieces, his ceramics embody overflow, opulence, and ostentation in a contemporary language, sometimes enhanced by popular mantras that engage the viewer. Through these imperfect beauties, whether vases, plates, or bowls which the artist frees from their utilitarian function, Frossard undertakes a reflection on concepts of beauty and good taste as much as to broaden the scope of their definition as to blur its lines.  


Mathieu Frossard is currently based in Strasbourg. Following his studies at École Supérieure d'Art et de Design in Reims, he attended the Design Academy in Eindhoven where he obtained his Master’s degree in design. In 2022, on the occasion of the 18th edition of the renowned International Ceramic Competition, he was awarded the prize of the City of Carouge with his work Give Me More, now part of the permanent collection of the city’s museum. His work has been exhibited in Australia, France, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, the Netherlands and the United States. Frossard's neo-baroque ceramics will be presented to the British public for the first time at the forthcoming Collect Art Fair in London, in which Galerie Revel is participating.