Mathieu Frossard French

Born in France and trained as an artist and a designer, he graduated with honors from ESAD in Reims, France and from the Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands.


The work of Mathieu Frossard stands somewhere between art, design and craft.

Navigating freely between these practices without making any value judgment, his work is like a collage of aesthetic references, shapes and materials. He tries to blur boundaries and offers multiple paths for the viewer to apprehend his work.


Simultaneously attractive and repulsive, precise and chaotic, he composes with different visual references from several backgrounds, questioning diverse aspects of contemporary creation like “good taste”, beauty, or function.


Giving the viewers visual references they can grasp and interpret as their own, he does not consider himself as the sole truth-teller about his work. By leaving freedom for interpretation from the viewers, he pushes them to confront their own imaginative faculties, thus becoming more active as they experience art. He gives clues, so they can build upon them to interpret what they see, ultimately remaining free to write their own scenario.