Sola Olulode UK / Nigeria, b. 1996

Born in 1996, and based in London, UK, Sola Olulode is a British-Nigerian artist. She received a BA in Fine Art Painting from University of Brighton in 2018 and holds the inArt and Design Diploma. Since then she has participated in many solo and group shows such as Moving in the Bluish Light at von Goetz, Where the Ocean Meets the Beach at V.O. Curations, and Twilight of the Idols at Alice Black.
Olulode’s dreamy queer visions explore embodiments of British Black Women and Non-Binary Folx. Working with various mediums of natural dyeing, wax, ink, pastel and impasto she develops textural canvases that explore the fluidity of identities. Drawing inspiration from lived experience, friends, and cultural reference, the artist emphasises the integral need of representation and celebration of queer intimacies. Her figures exemplify the warm embrace of queer love, and her utopian scenes celebrate relationships that transcend crude notions of queer sexuality.