'La Vénus des Indes' | Anton Laborde

November 7, 2023
ANTON LABORDE, 'La Vénus des Indes', 2022-2023
La Vénus des Indes',  is a monumental work created between 2022 and 2023 over a period of nine (9) months on the initiative of a private client for his villa in the south of France. The work covers a wall surface of almost 14m2.
By exploring the Venusian theme in a tropical context, French visual artist Anton Laborde wanted to question Western social constructs. The work also reveals the lush jungle landscape, so central to the artist's work. Jungles that allow the artist to explore the complex relationships between human beings and natural environments. 
"I examine the conflicts between natural environments and human beings. With this work I reaffirm my faith in jungles as both a reflection of and a shelter from the suffering of life." Anton Laborde

The work is created using a mixed media technique, with collages of various types of exotic and European wood and gold leaf on wooden panels.


Anton Laborde, 'La Vénus des Indes', 2022-2023

Project management: Prince Malik Jewiti

Film by Studio Brinth