Stephen Price Italy / Ghana, b. 1995

Drawing upon both his personal journey and online photographic sources, emerging Italian-born artist of Ghanaian origin Stephen Price explores the nuanced terrain of Black memories. Employing charcoal and vibrant, glossy paint, Price depicts enigmatic space-times in which faceless Black figures seem to float. Like half-presences in a surreal world, his silhouettes seem detached from reality, yet bear an awareness of their potent, almost haunting impact on the observer's gaze.


As if immersed in a liminal nature, Price’s figures evoke the nostalgic aura of old photographs discovered in old cardboard boxes: weathered by time yet imbued with captivating allure. Playing with the emotional resonance of ocean blues and rich purples, the artist, who holds a BA in Fine Art Painting and Drawing from the University of Northampton, infuses his canvases with a profound sense of nostalgia, reflecting on memory's often bittersweet nature. The interplay between personal recollections and the broader tapestry of shared Black history becomes a central theme, inviting viewers to ponder the enduring imprint of memory on our collective consciousness.




BA Fine Art Painting & Drawing The University of Northampton

Foundation Art & Design Level 3 Sutton Coldfield College, Birmingham 



Winner of Wells Art Contemporary 2020: Student prize award

Winner of The Patron’s Prize at the RBA Annual Exhibition 2021



2024 – “I Wish I Could Be the Moonlight”, Bwo Art Gallery, Douala, Cameroon

2023 – “Reverie”, Chilli Art Projects, London,

2021 – “Luminous Portraits”, Gallery At Home, Usk (Wales)



2024 -  1-54 Art Fair New-York , Galerie Revel

 2024 -  Group Exhibition “Echoes of the unseen “, Galerie Revel, Bordeaux, France

2023 – Art Fair – Art x Lagos – Kó, Lagos, Nigeria
2023 – Group Exhibition “(Sur)face Pt. 2 “, Chilli Art Projects, London

2023 – Group Exhibition “Lean On Me” , Kó, Lagos, Nigeria

2022 – Group Exhibition “ In Situ Encounters of Place”, Kó, Lagos, Nigeria

2022 – Group Exhibition ”Handwritten”, Chilli Art Projects, London

2022 – Group Exhibition “4×4+1”, Chilli Art Projects, London

2021 – Royal Society of British Artists Annual Group Exhibition, London

2020 – Virtual Group Exhibition, Wells Art Contemporary, Wells 

2019 – Graduate Art Fair, Yardley Hastings (Northamptonshire) 

2019 – Group Exhibition “Immersion”, Northampton